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Feliz dia de la independencia!: What is the Mexican day of independence?

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On September 16, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated in Mexico which marks the country’s declaration of independence from Spain in 1810. This festive occasion is abundant in national pride, lively parades, mariachi performances, and delicious food. It’s a great time to be in Mexico.

Mexicans worldwide celebrate an important event in their country’s history. It all began when a courageous priest in the village of Dolores rang his church bell and delivered a powerful speech that sparked the War of Independence from Spain. The President of Mexico also takes part by ringing the same bell, which is now over 200 years old, live on TV the night before the big celebration.


For over 300 years, Mexico, formerly known as New Spain, was ruled as a colony by the kingdom of Spain. The native population was subjected to oppression, with their farmland and personal wealth being confiscated. Additionally, only Spaniards were allowed to hold political posts. This harsh treatment eventually led to a rebellion led by a Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in the town of Dolores.

Father Hidalgo started the Mexican War of Independence by ringing his church’s bell and delivering the Grito de Dolores speech on September 16, 1810, demanding the end of Spanish rule. The war continued for over a decade and ended on August 24, 1821, after Spain withdrew and recognized Mexico as an independent country. Father Hidalgo is now known as the Father of Mexican Independence.

Over the past 200-plus years, Mexican Independence Day has become a big nationwide celebration. The country’s leaders took inspiration from the July 4 Independence Day festivities in the US. As a result, people celebrate with patriotic speeches, flag-waving, parades, live music, and home-cooked feasts. To add excitement, the night skies light up with fireworks. Everywhere across Mexico, and even in cities in the US with large Mexican populations, people display the Mexican flag’s colors – red, white, and green.

To sum up, the Mexican Day of Independence is a significant occasion to honor Mexico’s values and commemorate the fight for freedom. Celebrating this day is a means to express admiration and gratitude towards the country and its citizens. Moreover, it offers a chance to reminisce about history and anticipate the future. Let’s come together to pay tribute to this momentous occasion! Viva Mexico!