Condesa Restaurant Featured in Boston Globe!

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Condesa Restaurante Watertown was recently featured in The Boston Globe! Photographer Johnathan Wiggs, provided beautiful photography, alongside the feature of Condesa’s “hard-to-find” Mexican dishes!  Learn the story behind some of the items we create and serve by reading the full article on The Boston Globe website.

“The simple fact is that we pride ourselves on our food. Our sauces, everything, are made from scratch. That’s not easy to do — deveining peppers and everything. It’s a big process,” Leon says. “We make traditional dishes that are hard to get elsewhere.”

The article goes on to talk about the inspiration for one of the dishes, chiles en nogada that the article states “Is delicious: sweet, savory, and spicy, like eating a pepper full of fall.” Which is available at both our Watertown & Rhode Island locations. This recipe was one that was added to the menu after the owners, Roberto & Ernesto realized that local Mexican restaurants were not incorporating into their lineup.

You know, it’s funny. It’s one of those things that usually every Mexican restaurant has, but there’s nothing too Mexican about it … It’s something that’s very unique to restaurants over here in the States. But it’s crazy. People love it. I put it on anything, even fajitas sometimes” 

Find a Condesa location near you! Browse our menus online, and call ahead to reserve your table today!

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