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Best Tequila for Margaritas

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Margaritas are the perfect party starter! But with so many options available, which tequila should you use for your margarita? We've researched and tested a variety of Tequilas to bring you our top picks.

Tequila making process, and why it matters?

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Tequila is arguably one of Mexico’s greatest national treasures. It is made from the heart of the Weber azul agave plant and has been mass-produced since the 1600s. Tequila is one of the first indigenous distilled spirits of North America and remains popular to this day. Since its creation, tequila has rapidly grown in popularity […]


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After a long day, many of us like to retreat to the peace and quiet of our study and enjoy a relaxing pour of a good tequila. Similarly, when it is time to let the hair...